A few years ago I did Joe’s older brothers senior pictures.  We also did his senior pictures at a golf course.  Mistwood Golf course was a beautiful course and I love getting the opportunity to photograph in places that I don’t get to experience very often.

Joe’s mom reached out and asked if we could shoot his senior pictures at Flossmoor Golf Club!  Yes! Yes and more yes!  It’s always so fun and exciting to photograph somewhere new.

Joe Senior Picture Blog_0044

We scheduled Joe’s session for about an hour before sunset.  We had gorgeous lighting and even managed to see a few deer on the course as the sun was beginning to set.  Joe had a few ideas as to where he wanted to shoot and I managed to come up with the rest as we were headed across the course in our golf cart.

It had rained quite a bit the night before and some areas of the course were pretty water logged but we made it work.  Joe is the last of the kids to be graduating high school.  He plans to attend the same college as his older brother and they will both be on the golf team there.  They are a family of avid golfers.  Well, not his mom, but she’s always there to support them in whatever they do!

Here’s his older brother Drew’s Senior Session if you want to check that out while you are here!  They look a lot alike and both were super pleasant and respectful boys.  Mom, you did a good job there!

Joe Senior Picture Blog_0045