Drew plays golf for his school.   Mistwood Golf Course is his schools home course.  So, it only seemed natural for him to want to do his session there.  Since Mistwood doesn’t normally allow portraits at their golf course I made sure that Drew checked ahead of time that it was ok.   Since he plays there and will work there they had no issues with it.

For about 2 decades I lived right across the street from Mistwood Golf Course.  I have been to a couple of events there.  I’ve even photographed a couple of weddings there.  That being said, I have never seen the entire course before.  Wow, it is so much more beautiful than I ever knew.   Gosh, I was so impressed that Drew recognize the beauty as well and thought to do his senior pictures there.  Last year, I moved further up north and no longer have the golf course right across the street from me.  So, sad that I never realized the true beauty of the course until just now.

Drew’s session was a lot of fun.  We started out in areas that I already knew and were close to the main entrance.  For these pictures he wore a nice flannel and jeans.   Drew then went and got us a golf cart.   He changed into more golf appropriate attire.   With Drew as the driver, he brought me and his mom to many different spots throughout the course.

What a beautiful day we had.   It was a nice, warm fall day with a beautiful sunset.  Drew, I wish you the best of luck next year playing golf in college!   Thanks for taking me along for the ride!

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