The Ryniec Family reached out to me to do family pictures.  They haven’t had family pictures since their boys were super young.  Needless to say, they were WAY overdue for pictures.

The Ryniec Family has 3 big boys all close to High School age.  A lot of photographers find working with big kids to be a challenge.  Not me!  I absolutely love working with big kiddos.  I’ve raised 3 kids of my own, 2 boys and a girl.  My baby is now 21 years old!  Oh, and I have a brand new granddaughter too!  Because I’ve raised my own kids, I like to think I’m pretty good with photographing all ages.  I’ve personally gone through all of the ages in my own home and I’ve also photographed so so many kids and families of all different ages!

The day of their session:

The day of the Ryniec Family session a couple of the kids were running late.  You know how after school sports and jobs get in the way sometimes.  The boys were supposed to meet us at the park.  They were running late and we were quickly losing light on their sunset hour session.  Dad reached out to me wondering if we should reschedule or still shoot.  Since they had big kids I felt confident that we could work quickly and get them a full session.  After all, big kids certainly know how to take direction.  We managed to do their session in record time.  I’m sure the boys were happy we were done so quickly as well.   Heck, no boys really enjoy doing pictures anyhow!

I just love how their portraits came out.  The sun left us a little quickly but we worked around it and did the best we could.  Also, I just love how the lighting created the most gorgeous golden light for their session.  And now, this sweet Momma has pictures of her kiddos to display all over her home.  She waitied a long time to get updated pictures and now she has them!


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