Shea reached out to me to book her senior pictures.   Like, Shea herself.   It’s not all that often that I get high school seniors who are confident enough to reach out to me on their own.   Usually, I get a message from Mom booking for their senior.  Going into the session, I already knew that Shea was going to be different.

Shea wanted to do her senior pictures in downtown Plainfield.  I love Plainfield and spent almost 2 decades there raising my own kids.  All three of my children went to Plainfield schools and it holds a special place in my heart.  Sounded like a perfect location for her!

When I arrived I noticed Shea right away.   Heck, how can you not?   She had the most amazing dyed red hair.   She also has her own sense of style.   Also, I adored every outfit she chose for her senior session.

While walking from location to location I usually chat with my seniors and really try to get to know them.  She intends on going to college.  She’s not sure where yet but she definitely plans on studying art while there.  As an artist of a different medium, I was excited for her.   I know so many artists.   In addition, I love watching all that they create.   I just know she will be amazing at all she does.

Enjoy some of her senior pictures.  They are some of my favorites!

Shea Blog_0381Shea Blog_0385 Shea Blog_0382 Shea Blog_0383 Shea Blog_0384 Shea Blog_0386

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