Mary Kubica is a super talented New York Times bestselling author!  She’s written so many amazing suspense novels.  Some of her books are The Good Girl, Pretty Baby,  Don’t You Cry, Every Last Lie, When the Lights Go Out, The Other Mrs and Local Woman Missing.  I’ve read all but one of them!  Looks like I’ve got some catching up to do.  You can learn more about her work HERE.

I have been fortunate enough to meet and work with Mary on a couple of her Author headshots.  I’ve also been able to work with her family for family pictures as well.  Mary is happily married with 2 always growing kiddos.  She also has a couple of kitties she cuddles up to.

Funny Story!

A few years ago now I was in a local downtown area doing Mary’s author shots.  Mary points over to an area not too far off from the Main Street and there’s a tiny little kitten just crouched down and all scared.  Together, we tried to look for an owner or a momma kitty to no avail.  Not wanting this kitten to get injured, I tucked her into my shirt and finished our session.  After her session, I had full intentions of bringing this tiny flea infested baby kitty to a local vet or shelter.  Well, long story short she stayed with me.  This little kitten may have started off as a teeny tiny not so healthy kitty.  She’s now a 14 lb fluffy and quite bratty 5 year old cat that we just all adore.  I’ll never forget that session.

Ok, I’ve done enough rambling and going off topic. Here’s a couple of images from her most recent Author session!   And while you are at it, go pick up one of her books.  I promise, if you are into suspense novels, you will love them!

Mary Kubica Blog_0620

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