Brody was such a good baby for his newborn photos.   Brody is the youngest of three siblings.  He’s the only boy.  With two adorable big sisters that seem pretty darn excited to have a new baby brother, I’m sure he will be well taken care of.  I have no doubt that Brody’s Dad was excited to have another boy in the house too!

Big sisters are three and five years old.  All too often three years old is such a difficult age to participate in any family photos but especially newborn photos.  Gosh, this three year old did so good!   Like all three year olds her attention span was a little short but she smiled and did great.

We quickly finished up family and sibling shots and Dad took the girls home for a bit so we could finish up Brody’s session with a little bit of quiet.  Brody did so good getting his pictures taken.  There was only a few little cries and he calmed down quite quickly.  Oh, and of course we had a diaper change as well.  Because, lets be honest, poop happens!

I hope you enjoy some of these photos from Brody’s newborn session!

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