In 2018 I photographed Anna’s big sister’s senior pictures.  She was a joy to photograph and her family is always amazing to work with.  Needless to say I was thrilled when her mom reached out to me to see if I could photograph Anna as well.

So so many of my clients lately have been bringing their dogs along to their portrait sessions.  Anna brought her dog, Jackson, along too.   You see, Jackson was Anna’s foster fail.  He is incredibly fond of Anna.   Still a puppy, Jackson was so well behaved and did so good for his portion of photos.

Previously, we had to reschedule Anna’s pictures because the early rainy fall just wasn’t letting us get the shoot in.   It actually worked out for the best though.  The day of her senior pictures we had nice temperatures and a beautiful sunny day.  Anna chose to do her senior pictures in Downtown Lockport.   One of the things I love best about shooting in Downtown Lockport is that there are some really pretty areas down by the river for nature shots.  But, you also have the actual downtown area to have more of that downtown and urban look!   In addition, I absolutely love brick textures, ivy walls and alleys for senior pictures.   I think this was a perfect location for Anna.

Sounds like Anna plans on heading out of state for college just like her big sister did.  I wish her the best of luck next year in whatever path she decides to take.   Thanks for trusting in me to do your Senior Pictures!

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