Photographing the Gaughan family was extra fun.  They had moved to a Wauconda last year and wanted to incorporate their neighborhood into their session.  Well, I had moved about a year ago also to Wauconda and the same subdivision.   Having only lived here a year or so, I hadn’t photographed anyone within walking distance of my home yet.   How amazing is it that we live in an area where there are so many beautiful spots to photograph so close by.

The Gaughan family has an adorable, chatty and sweet 4 year old boy.  They also wanted to bring their dog, Wooley, along for their session.   Wow, what a well behaved dog.   While we were walking from photo spot to photo spot we came across several other families walking dogs.   Wooley didn’t bark at any of them.  I couldn’t even imagine that.   Heck, my dog likes to bark at everything!

We did several pictures with the entire family and their dog.  But, my favorite photos are the ones of the little boy with his dog.   There is nothing sweeter than kids and their pets.   Little man seemed so proud to have his picture taken with his dog.  They were just the cutest.   At one point during their session, this sweet little four year old boy even picked me a flower.   He was so well behaved and I loved our conversations while walking to the next photo spot.

Check out some of the sweet photos of the Gaughan family.  We had such great lighting this day.  In addition, we had perfect weather and a photogenic family!   The best part of this session was being able to walk home after pictures!  So blessed to have moved to such a beautiful area.   Enjoy!

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