It’s been a few years since I’ve been able to photograph the Cullum family.  I couldn’t believe how tall the older boys were.   In addition, I must say these kids were some of the most patient, well behaved and photogenic kids I’ve seen in a long time.

For their session, we shot at their home.  We utilized areas of their front and backyard for their pictures.  How perfect is that?!   The Cullum family has lived in their home for about 3 years now.  Because of this, they wanted to incorporate their newer home into their session.  It worked out well as they were able to have their sweet pup be part of their session.   With a crazy and active pup around, they decided to keep the dog inside for the first half of their session.   When we were almost done, they brought out the dog for a few photos.   I truly do love when families have their dogs at their session.  Sure, sometimes it makes for a little more chaos.  But, our dogs really are part of the family!

I swear, we were able to finish this session in record time.  It was a little chilly during their session, football was on inside, and the kids listened to well.   We were able to finish their session quickly and get the boys back inside to watch football!

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