Recently, I had the opportunity to photography the T family.  Stills by Sarah has photographed one of these lovely ladies and her immediate family for years now.  I’m always happy when I get to see them year after year.   It is incredibly fun and rewarding to get to see the kids grow through my lens.  Needless to say I was so excited when she brought her whole extended family for a session this year.

About the T Family:

The T family was a dream to shoot.  These kiddos were so well behaved and listened well.   They took direction and happily did everything I asked of them.    It was fun to talk to the kids and get to know them during their shoot.   I heard all about the one little boys blue push car as it must have somehow been similar to my little blue prop wagon…. haha.   One of these little cuties was very stubborn and made me work hard for even the tiniest of smiles.  The sweet little blonde girl just sat there smiling at me.   She wouldn’t really talk to me but gave me the sweetest grin like she just wanted to be my friend.  Another little boy was super shy and arrived to the session with his face covered by his hands.   The littlest one of the family at six months old already has several teeth and was full of happy smiles and laughs.   These Grandparents must be incredibly proud and have so much joy in their lives watching these littles ones grow.   It’s so cool to see their little personalities emerging and watch them interact with one another.

Oooh.. another fun little bit of information about the T family.   I didn’t realize this during their session but was told afterwards that this talented Grandma made all of the little girls dresses!  Can you imagine?   Wow…. just wow.

Anyhow, enough of my rambling.  Lets just say it was a wonderful session.    Here’s some of their images…. I’m sure you will be able to see the love!

If you’d like to see another session from Stills by Sarah, click HERE.

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