I’m so glad you are here.

A Little Bit About Stills by Sarah:

I so want to welcome you!  Stills by Sarah is our newly branded site.  Previously, my business name was Sarah Jastre Photography.  Sarah Jastre Photography has been in business since 2010 or so.  My website was starting to get a little dated and I had been considering revamping it for quite some time.   With a new marriage and a move, it seemed like the perfect time to rebrand.   Summer of 2020 I will be relocating somewhere near Mundelein, IL.  So, I now plan to shoot in both Plainfield and Mundelein!   I promise you, I will keep bringing all the same amazing content I always have.    If anything, I’m a little more passionate about things these days.    It’s funny how rebranding gets you a little excited about things.

For my past clients in the Plainfield area, don’t worry!   Plans are to shoot a several times a month in the Plainfield area.   And, I will still be doing mini sessions in the fall as I always have.  As for my new clients, I can’t wait to get to know you and get shooting in a new area.  I have family in this area and am already pretty familiar with it.   I’ve also shot quite a bit up here and have my own little group of clients up north.   As always, I shoot all over the Chicagoland area… but I will now have a focus in both the Plainfield and Mundelein areas.   How exciting is that?!

A Little Bit Me, Sarah:

Well, obviously, my name is Sarah.   I’m in my 40’s and have 3 amazing big kiddos and way too many pets.  I’ve been a full time photographer now for about a decade.   Photography has always been my passion and I’m so blessed that I have been able to make it my career as well.  Next summer, I will be getting re married.    I’m so excited that I have found my person.   He is supportive, calming and understands my little bit of crazy!

The next year will be bringing a lot of changes for both me and my business.   I welcome all those changes! A little scared and excited are emotions I experience daily.   But, I’m super excited to shoot in new locations.  Fingers crossed, that I will have an amazing studio space as well.  I like to say, I’m a loud introvert.   Haha… I’m super quiet in large groups.   Around small groups and families, I’m very outgoing.   Some of my passions are sweets, kitties, sunsets, iced coffee, organization and snuggles on the couch.

I’ll update the blog once the website is done so you all know it’s time to check it out officially!   Til then, send me some good vibes as this website building process is definitely testing my patience!!!    ~Sarah