Alexa Senior Year!

Senior girls are a dream to shoot.  Alexa, was no different.   I was so excited when Alexa reached out to me to take her senior pictures this year.  Alexa had an older sibling come to me about 4 years ago and well.   It’s always such an honor when clients reach out to me to do another senior session!   This sweet girl was amazing to shoot.  Literally falling into every pose I asked her to do, she made my job so incredibly easy.


Location can often dramatically make senior pictures all that much more amazing.  Alexa chose to do her senior pictures in the beautiful downtown Lockport.  Lockport is amazing because it has an area down by the river where there’s some trees, paths and a little bit water.  But, what I love most about it is all the little hidden urban spots.   There are fun alleys to shoot in.  I love the ivy covered walls, stairs, brick  and wrought iron railings.   What a perfect choice for her senior pictures.

Senior pictures are extra special in my opinion.   Our kids go year after year getting their pictures taken by the school.  They have very little control over how their photos look.   And then all of a sudden senior year hits and they can pick out who they want to do their pictures.  They can choose how many outfits they want.  They can change up the look from one outfit to the next entirely!  And most importantly they get to show a little character and a lot more of who they are in their photos!   Last but not least, THIS is the photo that stays on their parent’s wall for years to come!   Needless to say, I’m very happy she chose me for her photographer!

Here’s some photos from her session: